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Tips for Buying Wedding Dresses

Tips Vital to Choose a Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Choosing a wedding dress for your perfect day can be quite a struggle. It must be confusing you about what to choose for the day that should look no doubtingly perfect on your body shape. When it comes to wear something, you should always go with what suits you the best. It can differ from your body shape and your personal choice.  There are basically four body shapes that go with the flow while choosing your perfect wedding dress.



In this shape, the body figure is perfect. The shoulders and hips are of the same size and the stomach is inclined in exact tone.


For this, the hips are wider than the shoulders and stomach. It is particularly for girls that are a bit chubby.

Inverted Triangle

This is invert of the triangular shape; the shoulders are wider than the hips.


It is all in one size shape. All the sizes of the shoulders, hips and waist are similar.  


Once you’re done with knowing what your body shape is then comes a point to decide what would look good on you. This can solely achievable by the list below. You can choose from the following and know what is better for you;

Ball Gown

This is the best dress for you if you’re looking for something that can make you look thin if you’re hips are heavy or better if you’re triangle shaped. But keep something in mind; you should totally ignore this if you’re comparatively skinny because the fluffy-ness of this dress might hide your charm.

Mermaid Wedding Dress


This is the kind of the dress that will fit your body and show all the curves. It can be best if you’re interested in showing your figure and look like a model. It suits best for you if you have hour glass figured shape.

Column Wedding Dress

This is the wedding dress that you should be looking for while getting what simplicity should feel like. It is so unique for a body shape that has a well off figure and can be easily comfortable if you’re skinny or have rectangular shape.

Empire Waist

This is suited for the body shape where you want something that should look classy and yet little touch of simplicity. You can surely go for it if you have the triangle body structure. It will make you look good and will help you to stay put even by this body figure that you have.

A Line

The gown that will help you to get in your shape perfectly on your perfect day. The ends of the dress are comparatively inclined but this style gives it an exquisite style.  It’s for you if you have the inverted triangle shape of the body.

Hopefully now you know what would look classy and perfect for your day. Make the best choice considering now you can work on what you want in your dress according to your body figure. Best of luck for your big day!

Wedding dress body type is the term that defines how you can get the perfect dress of your dreams which suits you also.